Cloud Services

With Pajworld’s services, you can scale quickly and respond to marked opportunities with cloud services.

We helped a financial services company to manage technology and organizational change for more effective cloud adoption

Cloud computing is disruptive technology that has the potential to enhance collaboration, scaling, agility and availability and help organizations to reduce costs.

We help you leverage cloud services to transform your business.

Our Offerings

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

We help you to choose, deploy the right Service (SaaS, Paas, Iaas) and Deployment Models (Private, Hybrid …) and define a cloud strategy for your business. We also help you to migrate to the cloud from your existing legacy systems.

Cloud Application Services

Cloud Computing allows development without investing in new infrastructure or licensing new software and as a pay-per-use service. Developing software can be hassle-free or challenging experience based on cloud computing delivery model you choose. . Cloud Application Services help you move to the cloud seamlessly whether you're migrating an off-the-shelf package or developing a new application from scratch. Our services include development, maintenance (both migration and monitoring) of applications on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

We support planning, building and managing cloud infrastructure that runs on any platform ( Private, public and hybrid deployment models) Or SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and BPaaS delivery models ) including provisioning, automated monitoring and orchestration of multiple clouds.

Cloud Software Services

We offer Cloud Software Services covering your critical business processes in the SaaS space. The list includes customer relationship management, supply chain management, human resource management and financials together with their back end processes.

Cloud Management Services

The key activities include the following
Service Delivery: Includes provisioning, self service, service level management (SLA), regulatory compliance, availability auto scaling, high availability considerations, cloud bursting, continuity backup, failover, DR and security.
Service Operations: Includes monitoring, orchestration and automation, auditing, access management, incident management, metering and chargeback, cost management and optimization and continuous improvement through analytics.
Through our Cloud Management services offerings, we help define an optimal cloud operations framework that enables continuous delivery of development/operations (“dev-ops”) across a heterogeneous combination of private, public or hybrid cloud models.