About Us

Kumar Lanka, Founder & President of PAJ World Solutions.
He holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and has over 25 years of industrial experience (including 5 years at USA), working as consulting architect at prestigious clients such as Intel, Arthur Anderson and NICor.
Mr. Lanka was Chief Consulting Manager at GetMedia Inc. and played a crucial role in getting $10M in funding & over 500 radio stations as client base for the product.
As Vice President of Engineering at GTC, Mr. Lanka was the chief architect of their e-commerce project and a key player in their corporate strategies.
Mr. Lanka worked as Sr. Engineer at BeVocal Inc. and was associated with patented technological innovations in voice portal applications.

Established in 2002, PAJWorld is selectively serving enterprises that are early start ups, in building their products, supporting their infrastructure, training and proving Dev-Op services. PAJ World believes in high level of integrity and is closely working with some medium enterprises in fulfilling their back end and support needs.

PAJ has a strong team of development and support staff that brings delight to all the clients with whom we work, as no task is taken lightly by the team.

I Know everything guy

I can get anything done

Network Engineer

There are quite a few such in the team. Whom to rate the best is always a challenge

We have few uncertified too..

We are sorry to say, unfortunately we have to accommodate 20% of our team that do not have any certification of excellence.

Some of them think they are above certificate programs. We believe them, based on their work

Rest of them are workaholics not getting time to appear for certificate programs..